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Technical Consultancy in Design of Hotels & Resorts

Reference 02 - Zanzibar room

We work with those investors interested in developing international Hotel and Resort projects, helping them with the choice and definition of the right product, achieving the highest value at the lowest possible financial cost.

We provide Technical Consultancy, in order to design spaces, facilities and services to meet the following targets:

  • Most efficient use of the available space.
  • Minimize the number of employees required for a successful operation of the property.
  • Create a design that offers the desired quality.
  • Take the right decisions, all by knowing how to improve the use of energy resources.
  • Consider and promote the respect and care for the environment as an important added value.
  • Evaluate and analyze the local habits and regulations.
  • Utmost attention to the safety of people and property.

This results in a better balance between the investment costs of the product and the profitability of its operation, also assuring a long-lasting asset for the years to come.

We advise about the most convenient category and size of the hotel (rooms, restaurants, common areas, ancillary services).

We develop a program of requirements with a brief report of specifications and finishes as a base of the preliminary architecture and engineering proposals for a future review and discussion by the property. This program analyzes and suggests the most appropriate finishes according to the type of product and its budget.

We provide with lists of equipment and service requirements for all operational areas such as Laundry, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Kitchen Service, Cafeteria, Rooms, Telephone Installation and Invoicing Installation.

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