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Management Consulting Maintenance of Hotels and Resorts

Reference 29 - Jerba, Tunisia

With our ongoing advice, we ensure the best possible use of the available resources that guarantees the satisfaction of the clients by offering them the right value for money. Keeping the building, plant and equipment in the best state of preservation is therefore required.

We develop and implement procedures and ad hoc methods to ensure the permanent operation of the structure, with the guarantee that any stop due to an eventual breakdown will not be longer than the strictly necessary to be repaired. We always bear in mind the need of avoiding customer complaints in rooms as well as minimizing the number of non saleable rooms because of repairs.

We install the software and also train the staff for a proper use of it in order to achieve a most efficient management and control of the technical store.

We help and support in the management, organisation and structure of the human resources.

We assist in the preparation of the operation’s budgets and establish procedures for an efficient follow-up in order to prevent thefts and losses.

We establish methodologies and procedures for a proper energy management of the building and by so doing promote the most efficient use of the energy.

We create manuals for maintenance and technical services as well as those for the correct opening and closing of the hotels.

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