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Integral Leadership & Management of Projects and Works

Reference 23 - Zanzibar

We aim to protect the investment foreseen by the property with a rigorous management, by means of an ongoing evaluation of the potential risks and proposing corrective actions in advance and with full transparency.

We manage to minimize losses caused by errors, avoiding possible gaps in the different phases, from the definition of the project’s idea until the starting-up of the operation of the final product.

Our staffs are technically competent and internationally experienced in both project management and maintenance management of international hotels. We have been in charge of quite a few important projects in countries such as: Mexico, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, Antigua and Barbuda, Maldives, Dominican Republic and Spain and therefore, we especially would like to point out our ability to adapt to other cultures and habits in their own languages such as English, French, Italian and Arabic.

It is also our commitment to manage and co-ordinate the different parts hired by the property, being actively involved in the project in order to optimize resources as well as their use.

We have a very good knowledge of markets for materials and services as well as customs laws and procedures in those countries were we have already worked, which allows us to look for the cheapest and more convenient solutions at all times.

Backed up by our professional experience in the above mentioned countries, we offer in the initial phase of the project, all our know-how and innovating ideas which result in an additional value, especially in those countries.

We guarantee full assistance from our offices in Praia (Cape Verde’s Capital City) and Tunisia, all managed and co-ordinated from our head office in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

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