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In DynamisBTM we work in Technical Consultancy aiming to help the investors in the decision-making during the development of international hotel projects.

Dynamis BTMFor years we have been offering our services for Hotel Project Management as well as Maintenance Management Consulting for hotels and resorts in different continents, managing every single step of the project up to the final launch of the product. We have a wide experience in Maintenance Management of International Hotels. Our experience in Maintenance Management International Hotels has allowed us to know perfectly the core business of our clients.

Taking advantage of our presence in Africa for years, with offices in Tunisia partners and Cape Verde (www.insulae-engenharia.com), we see European and African companies.

Our goal is to advise and guide you in all those intangibles that are limited in their new projects in Africa. We assist with strategic vision and not just technical, visualizing the entire investment as well as limits to overcome.

DynamisBTM consists of a group of highly skilled professionals collaborators (product of years of relationship) with a wide experience gathered throughout the years in countries such as Mexico, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, Antigua and Barbuda, Maldives, Dominican Republic and Spain.

We especially would like to highlight our presence in different projects in Africa for years, in Tunisia since 1997, in Tanzania since 1998, in Cape Verde since 1999 and in Libya since 2008.


Technical Consultancy in Design of Hotels & Resorts

Assistance for property to obtein the perfect turistic product.


Technical Assistance in the Construction of Hotels

Assistance for european properties in Europe and overseas countries.


Integral Leadership & Management of Projects and Works

A long international experience in Project Management.


Management Consulting Maintenance of Hotels and Resorts

After opening, good maintenance.

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